JBC Beer

Currently on tap

Hefeweizen 6.0% A.B.V.
German style wheat beer with spicy clove presence and a hint of banana and citrus.

IPA 6.5% A.B.V. 
Golden in color, medium malt sweetness, three hop additions plus dry-hopped.

Altbier 4.7% A.B.V.
Traditional German Ale. Amber in color, light to medium-bodied, and highlighted by toffee and caramel tones with a slightly sweet finish.

E.S.B. 6.0% A.B.V.
Brewed in the tradition of a classic English bitter. Medium bodied with ample sweetness to balance the generous use of hops.

Dry Stout 6.0% A.B.V.
Irish Stout with a dry roasty, caramel malt character. Medium-bodied with coffee-like overtones in the finish.

Nitro Stout 6.0%  A.B.V. 
JBC Dry Stout nitrogen-charged for a smooth creamier texture while retaining the roast caramel and coffee tones.

Scottish Strong Ale 8.2% A.B.V.
Medium to high malty caramel profile. Full Bodied.

Seasonal Beers

Lucky Penny 5.6% A.B.V.
Amber ale with bright copper color, medium malt character, and three hop accents.

Blueberry Wheat 5.6% ABV
American style wheat beer with a hint of blueberry.

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